Important Announcement about Bussing October 2, 2017

Good afternoon CTK parents. Following is a very important message regarding bussing for this afternoon:

Severe Weather Update 1:00 pm, Monday, October 2, 2017:
Important message for all schools in Christ The Redeemer Catholic Schools:
Dear Parents,
As of 12:30, the road conditions have deteriorated, rather than improving. In some portions of the province there are imminent road closures.
The Town of Strathmore is currently under a do not travel advisement for local highways. The emergency operations centre has advised us to conduct a shelter in place, which means out of town students and staff should remain safely at the school until further notice. They are advising no travel in the area and they informed us that highway 1 is closed to all traffic.
For students in all of our other communities: Oyen, Drumheller, Brooks, Okotoks, High River, Clear Water Academy (Calgary) and Canmore, the students who are in our schools are safe and secure, and we will continue to take care of them. 
We are writing to advise that if parents in these communities feel they can safely navigate the roads, they are welcome to come to the school to pick up their child and take them home. Parents who have high school students who drove to school should speak to the school regarding their plans for their child (i.e. Leave the vehicle at school and walk to a friends, wait for you to pick them up, be released early and drive to a location within town, etc.). Please, only travel or allow your child to travel if you feel capable and comfortable on the road. 
At this time we have been advised that rural buses in Drumheller, Strathmore, and Brooks will not be operating at the end of the day. In town buses will still operate. We currently expect that buses will run this afternoon in Oyen, Okotoks, High River, and Canmore. We will update as information comes available.
In the event that as a rural parent you cannot pick up your child, we suggest that you attempt to make plans for your child to stay with a friend. If that is not possible, we will continue to shelter your child and ensure that they are taken care of as long as is needed.
Issues have arisen with e-mail connections and some phone connections, so communication attempts may be hampered.
Michael Kilcommons 
Associate Superintendent