CTK Farewells 2017


The school community of Christ The King Academy is undergoing staff changes at the end of this school year and we wish the following people all of God’s blessings as they embark upon a new chapter of their life!

Ms. Tina Fargiorgio  (Grade five teacher and E.L.L. Coordinator) – moving to Ontario to be with family and friends.  We wish Tina all the very best as she is also planning her wedding details in the near future.   Congratulations and God’s blessings.

Mr. Brady Linnen (Grade 7 Social Studies and grade 8 PE) – Brady is currently seeking employment with other divisions and we thank him for his year of dedication and coverage during one of our teachers’ maternity leave.

Ms. Bailey Podolski  - (grade 5 teacher, grade 7&8 art) – Bailey is moving back to Ontario to be closer to her family and friends.  Currently Bailey’s nephew is in need of support and prayers for health reasons and Ms. Podolski is being called home to help.  God bless

Mrs. Mona Patterson – Head of Custodians and Facilities – Mona has been a member of our school division and has served most recently as our Head Custodian.  Mona’s determination and incredible work ethic as well as her strong faith life will be greatly missed!  We wish you all the very best on your retirement.  God bless and thank you for all that you did.

Mrs. Theresa Nagel – Theresa assisted us by covering maternity leaves for Mrs. Brillantes-Hall and Mrs. Cameron.  Theresa will continue to be a substitute teacher in our schools and we thank her for her commitment and dedication to our students.

Mrs. Lynne Stevens – Our beloved Educational Assistant is moving down the hallway to work with Saint Joseph’s Collegiate.  SJC is very lucky to have such an amazing E.A. join their team!  We wish and pray for all of God’s blessings to be upon you.