CTK Award Recipients

(As Pictured from Left to Right: John DeJong (Trustee), Keri Andrew (Above and Beyond Award), Tanya Trembecki (Power of One Award), Tina Fargiorgio (Master Teacher Award), Kelly Ehalt (Principal)

A very special congratulations to our Christ The King Academy award winners for the 2016-2017 school year!  We are proud of you and we are very blessed to have you within our school community.

Master Teacher Award Recipient

Our Master Teacher award recipient for CTK is Tina Fargiogio. Tina is our ELL Lead teacher and has taught grade 5 for five years in our school division. She is masterful at knowing her curriculum and making it accessible for all of her students. In addition, she helps her colleagues have a better understanding of curriculum and the best methodologies for making it accessible and engaging for students. Also, she has led many CLC with our staff in the areas of SIOP, Ell Benchmarks, and Google Read and Write. Her leadership during CLCs is professional and focused. We all learn so much and have become better teachers as a result of her academic leadership. She is truly a blessing to our staff and students.

Above and Beyond Award Recipient

Our Above and Beyond award recipient for CTK is Keri Andrew.  Keri teaches grades 5 to 8 Science at CTK. She works tirelessly to help our school community thrive and grow. She has led our Science Olympics day for the past three years for our school, which is a day that not only increases our student’s passion for Science, but builds our sense of community and joy. In addition, she coached one of our Royals volleyball teams. Also, she has gone above and beyond to create activities and lessons for a student on the autism spectrum, who is mute and struggles with learning. Her lessons are focused on both his ISP goals and on the Science curriculum. She is also highly involved in parent council for HFA, serves as an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist at our parish, and sits on the board of directors for our community swim club. Her dedication has been an asset to our entire community of Brooks.

Power of One Award Recipient

Our Power of One award recipient for CTK is Tanya Trembecki, our school office assistant.  Tanya greets every staff, student, and parent with a warm smile. She is positive and calm with everyone she interacts with. In addition, she always goes above and beyond to help staff and parents with tasks or problems they need to solve. When several staff were reading about charisms together at faith days, and read about the hospitality charism, they agreed that Tanya exudes this charism.  Many people gather at the front desk because of her maternal and caring attitude. She increases staff morale with all she does. We are truly blessed to have Tanya Trembecki as the first person many of our parents and staff see when they enter CTK.